Rummy League New Earning App Rummy League Welcom Bonus 500Rs.

Hello friends, my name is Vijay, you all must know that today I am giving daily information about Online Earning App. But I am going to launch Best Online Earning App from all the apps in you. Through which you can easily do Daily Real Earning.

Friends, today we are going to give information about Rummy League Real App in this post. So you have to download this application Real Money Earning App. In this application you get Sing Up Bonus 10 ₹. Apart from this, you get a lot of free bonus kits. Through all these programs, you can win Real Money by playing all the games present in the app without deposit.

The income earned in this way can be transferred immediately to the UPI Account without tax. If you want to earn through Rummy League Real Apk, then follow this post till the last without missing it.

About Rummy League Apk

Rummy League Real App is an Online Earning Game. In which you are given many different types of kitchens available. You have less games in this application but all the games in the market have become top and popular. Because of which you get a chance to do Unlimited Earning through Online Method.

If you are looking for Rummy game then this application can prove to be the best. And if you are intelligent in playing games then you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month.

The Features Of “Rummy League Real” Application

Rummy League Real

Which features are you going to get in Rummy League Real App. You can learn about it step by step below.

Sing Up Bonus:- In Rummy League Real Apk you get Sing Up 10₹ Bonus. Apart from these, you are also given kitschers of 7din free Reward. Genco can be used properly.

Refer & Earn Program:- Refer And Earn program is available for the user in Rummy League Real App. In this option you have to share with friends. Through this you can do Unlimited Earning.

Multiple Gaming:- Rummy League Real App is a Real Cash game. In this you can earn by playing 3 different games.

Deposit Bonus: – From this company, you get cashback offers ranging from 10% to 30% on adding money to this application.

 Instant Withdraw:- You can do minimum 100 ₹ Payment Withdraw in this app. Apart from this, you are given a guarantee of 100% payment by the company.

 Customer Support: – In this application you get Support Option. Because of which you can get the solution of the problem related to this Apk Immediately.

Rummy League Real Application Download

Rummy League Real Application Download

Friends, to see the features given above, all of you will have a question that how to download this application? To earn money through the games and kits given in this app, you should download it now in this Smartphone. To download this application,

you have to visit the official website. You can reach through this post to visit the official website of Rummy League Real App. For this, you can easily download by following the steps given below.

  • First of all click on the Download Button given above to download through this post.
  • After clicking, friends will reach the official website of Automatic App.
  • After that you click on the Download To Play button.
  • Then friends two options will be open 1. Chrome And 2. Browser will be there, download will start as soon as one is selected.
  • Later, after waiting for some time, install it under the track of setting of your smartphone.

How To Register In Real League Rummy Game

After downloading this application, everyone has to create an account to do Real Earning. When you open all the apps, you get the option to register everything. But as soon as all of you have a question that My Account Safe is safe and along with it the bonus is also huge?

For this, you have to login in all the apps from Mobile Number only. Due to this, you also get many benefits. If you have any problem in registering then follow the steps given below by me.

  • Friends, all of you must have downloaded, installed, and opened it.
  • Now you will have Automatic Guest Account open.
  • Then click on Profit to add you Bonus Claim Or Mobile Number.
  • After that add Phone Number and click on Login button, then 4 digit OTP will come.
  • Enter this OTP in the right box and click on Register Button, Account Complaint will be created as soon as you click.
  • As soon as the complaint is done, you will get 10 ₹ Welcome Bonus credited to the Wellet account of the game.

What Is 7din Free Bonus Option In Rummy League Real App

This option is also very important for you to choose between the Rummy League Real App. Friends, this option opens only after you register your account in the App. In this people are given Daily 7din Reward. And friends, through this option, you can claim from First day 5 ₹ to List day 20 ₹. You can earn a lot of income from this program. If you can see below the list from first day to last day.

  1. Day = 5 ₹. To install Free Bonus.
  2. Day = 5 ₹. To install Free Bonus.
  3. Day = 8 ₹. To install Free Bonus.
  4. Day = 10 ₹. To install Free Bonus.
  5. Day = 12 ₹. To install Free Bonus.
  6. Day = 15 ₹. To install Free Bonus.
  7. Day = 20 ₹. To install Free Bonus.

Available Game In Rummy League Real Apk

Rummy League Real App is a Real Cash Game, on which you have given different games. In which you are given 3 Game Available. Friends, all of you must be feeling that there are less games, but 80% of Game Searches have been done in all this Social Media App.

In which all Rummy Game amazing and popular has been provided to you. You can easily profit by playing all the games present in it. See below the names of all the games present in this Rummy League Real App.

★ Points Rummy

★ Pool Rummy

★ Deals Rummy 

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How To Add Money In Rummy League Real Application

What friends, if you are experienced in playing the game given above this application, then add payment is necessary. Because only then you can loot Real Cash in less time by making big claims while playing the game. Friends, in this app, minimum 100 ₹ to maximum 50000 ₹ Cash Payment is allowed. And friends, if we talk now, on adding 100 ₹, you get 10% to 30% cash back. To add cash, you get the option to do it through UPI Account. Then if you want to deposit, then you must follow the steps given below.

  • To add cash, click on the “Add Cash” button given on the home page.
  • Then on the New Page many Amount options will appear, from this select your budget and click on the “Confirm” button.
  • After that first 1. input Name 2. Mobile Number 3. Email “Submit”.
  • Card, UPI, Wellets, Net Banking options are available as soon as you submit. Whatever you select from this, enter the requested information.
  • Later you have to click on the “Pay Button” which is at the bottom.
  • Now as soon as your payment is successful, your game wallet will be credited with cashback.

Add Money Extra Bonus List

  • Add ₹100 And Get 10₹ Bonus.
  • Add ₹ 250 And Get 37 ₹ Bonus.
  • Add ₹ 500 And Get 75 ₹ Bonus.
  • Add ₹1000 And Get 150₹ Bonus.
  • Add ₹ 2500 And Get ₹ 625 Bonus.
  • Add ₹ 5000 And Get 1500 ₹ Bonus.

Refer Your Friends And Earn Money In Rummy League Real App

There are two ways to earn in Rummy League Real App. One can earn by playing games and the other by referring. Friends, different types have been provided in this application, so that you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month. There is no question of losing in this option, in which you only get ripped off.

Friends, through this option, you are provided with the company side to do Unlimited Earning in a month. In this, this app is Legil to invite you friends, then you can earn lakhs of rupees every day through Social Media App. For this, do not forget to follow the step by step given below.

  • First click on the “Activity” option given on the Lift Side.
  • Later on, the options of the Safe Menu are visible. In this, click on “Refer”.
  • After that you get to see 3 Step Bonus, then you click on “Share Button”.
  • All the options of the Social Media App will open as soon as you click on the share button.
  • Then if any person downloads your shared link, then you get ₹ 150 from each Invite Friends.
  • Apart from this, if your member deposits minimum 1000 ₹, then you get 5% commission.

Customer Care Service Support

If you want to get more information about this application, here again if you are facing problem while using this app, then the option of Customer Support is available on the home page. Email freely 24 hours after clicking this option. Please provide relevant Screenshot And I’d in Email so that we can help you with your problem easily.

Note:- This game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. Please play with your responsibility. Only 18+


I hope you all have liked this post New Rummy Earning App. If your friends also like to play Rummy game? So share with him too.

   If in this way you visit our website daily to get information about Rummy, Teen Patti Or Card Gaming App.

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