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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are enjoying your life? If not, then you have reached the right website platform, for that we salute you. If you are in search of Online Earning Apk then today you have reached the right point, today we are going to give information about Rummy Moment Apk in this post. Because this Rummy Moment is a Real Cash App.

Rummy Moment App is a really popular game, and friends, you can make profit by playing all the games present in it without deposit. Because in this application you have many different types of kitchen options available. If you want to login to the account in the app,

Rummy Moment Apk

then the company gives you ₹5 Welcome Bonus for free. And most importantly, Refer and Earn are the best options for earning income without taking any risk. Through which you can directly transfer the money earned to UPI or Bank Account.

If you are looking for Online Earning App then Rummy Moment App will be considered best for you, whose detailed information I am trying to give in this post.

Features Of Rummy Moment Apk

The most important features of Rummy Moment application are given below, if you like it then download it.

Sing Up Bonus:- The company of Rummy Moment app gives you 5₹ Sing Up Bonus, you can earn income by using this bonus properly.

First Cash Withdraw:- It allows to withdraw at least ₹100 payment in the application.

Multiple Game’s:- Rummy Moment App is a Real Cash Game, in which you have 25 Game’s available.

Deposit Cash bach:- The company of Rimmy Moment application gives you 2% to 5% bonus on adding payment.

Customer Support:- In Rummy Moment Apk, the company gives you the option of Customer Support, in which you can get the solution of the problem through Telegram, Chrome App.

Download Rummy Moment Apk

Rummy Moment App Download

Friends, after seeing the above mentioned features in Rummy Moment Apk, you all would like to download and do online earning. Friends, you can download this Rummy Moment App in an easy way, because the company of this app just launches

the social media app to increase the users. And if you can also download it from the official website of Rummy Moment App, then you will reach it automatically as soon as you click on the Download Now button given above in this post. If you have trouble downloading then follow the track given below.

  • To Download Rummy Moment App, click on Download Now Button in the above post.
  • As soon as you click, you will reach the official website of Automatic Rummy Moment Apk.
  • Then click on the Download To Play button given on the new page.
  • Now your application will start downloading, then you have to wait for some time.
  • Rummy Moment App has to be installed after 100% download is complete.

How To Sing Up Bonus In Rummy Moment Application

Rummy Moment Login

In Rummy Moment App, two options are available from the company, namely 1. Play As Guest Account or 2. Mobile Number. But all of you customers will have questions that how safe is this Rummy Moment App? For this, friends, you have to register with your mobile number, due to this all the users get benefits and their accounts of Rummy Moment App are secured. And along with this, you also get more Register Bonus from the company, then follow the process given below.

  • To register an account, install and open the application as per my instructions.
  • Then as soon as you open it, the account of Moment Rummy Game will be automatically registered.
  • To register with phone number, you have to click on the profit given on the lift side.
  • After clicking, 1. Mobile Number 2. Password 3. OTP has to be entered on the Bound Button.
  • Now credit all the information given above and click on Ok Button.
  • As soon as you click, you will get ₹ 5 Sing Up Bonus from the company of Rummy Moment App.

How Many Game In Rummy Moment App

Rummy Moment Games

Friends, Rummy Moment application is a Real Cash Game, in which you have 24 different types of games available. Jeche’s Multiplayer, Skill, Sports Betting, Jeche Popular and Bharoche Man games are available. Talking about it, all the games present in it have reached the top number in India, then the company of Rummy Moment Apk has come to add games in the app only after searching.

Talking about it, you will not be able to see company players in the game given in it, due to this you can easily make Winner Profit. You can play the games present in Rummy Moment App without paying any ad cash because you are given the opportunity to earn lakhs of rupees by playing with the money earned through free spinners.

Friend, then I provide you below the list of all the games available in this Rummy Moment App, by reading which you can know the names of the games and if you have experience in the field then definitely try it once.

  1. Sports
  2. Dragon Tiger Fight
  3. 7 Up Down
  4. Mines
  5. Zoo Roulette
  6. Car Roulette
  7. Roulette
  8. Crash
  9. Rummy
  10. Black Jack
  11. Ludo
  12. Teen Patti
  13. Sweet Bonanza
  14. Andar Bahar
  15. Teen Patti 20 – 20
  16. Baccarat
  17. Bingo
  18. 3 Card Poker
  19. Whot
  20. Best Of Five
  21. Fishing Rush
  22. Poker
  23. Variation
  24. Fruit Line
  25. 10 Cards

What Is Spin Wheel Option In Rummy Moment Apk

Rummy Moment Spin

In this Rummy Moment Application, you are given great tools to earn income. Here, according to your budget, you can make a small payment under all three plans and earn a good amount of money by spinning. But friends, to use this option, it is necessary to recharge your account to avail the benefits in all the plans. Information about the three plans given in this option is given below.

Silver Wheel:- In this plan, you can spin after recharging ₹ 100, which will give you a bonus like Lucky Bonus ranging from ₹ 1 to ₹ 888.

Gold Wheel:- Under the second plan, Rs 500 payment has to be made here, and different options ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 7288 will be available.

Diamond Wheel:- Under the third plan, after adding cash of ₹ 1800, spin option will open, and then bonuses ranging from ₹ 18 to Sports Bike are available.

How To Cash Deposit In Rummy Moment Game

Rummy Moment Add Cash

Friends, if you are able to play the game in Rummy Moment Application then it is necessary to deposit. And there is no need to be afraid of doing ad cash in this application because friends, the company has launched it after making it 100% verified and secure.

If you want to add money, then you are allowed to deposit a minimum of ₹ 100 to a maximum of ₹ 50000. In this program you are going to get more Extra Bonus for less deposit. Now talking about

this Rummy Moment Apk allows you to make payment through UPI or Bank Account method. Follow the steps given below to add cash in Rummy Moment Game.

  • Click on Shop button to add cash.
  • Then select the amount you want to add and click on Add Cash Button.
  • Now you will get options like Paytm, PhonePe, GooglePay, UPI to make payment.
  • After selecting one of the options given above, click on the Pay Button.
  • Now friends, as soon as the payment is successful, the amount will be credited to your Rummy Moment App account.

Add Cash Extra Bonus List

  • Add 1000₹ & Get 20₹ Bonus
  • Add 2000₹ & Get 40₹ Bonus
  • Add 3000₹ & Get 75₹ Bonus
  • Add 5000₹ & Get 150₹ Bonus
  • Add 8000₹ & Get 280₹ Bonus
  • Add 10000₹ & Get 400₹ Bonus
  • Add 30000₹ & Get 1350₹ Bonus
  • Add 50000₹ & Get 2500₹ Bonus

Invite Friend Earn Money In Rummy Moment Apk

Rummy Moment Refer And Earn

Friends, if you are not interested in playing the games given in Rummy Moment App and want to earn without taking any risk, then it does not matter because the company of this app has given a great kitchen for the customers,

whose name is Refer & Earn Program. In which you have to do Only For Earning because without depositing you can earn thousands of rupees every day and lakhs of rupees per month. There is no need to do anything in this Refer & Earn program of Rummy Moment App. In which you have to forward the ID of Rummy Moment App, if you want to share it on any platform of Social Media App.

And through all these social media applications, Invite Bonus or Commission is available, which allows the money earned in this way to be transferred directly to UPI or Bank Account.

If you want to earn income without taking risk in this option and how to invite others, the information is given below.

  • First of all, click on the Agent Button given on the home page.
  • After clicking, copy the link of Rummy Moment App to refer.
  • For that you have to click on Share Button.
  • After that, first share the link with your friends, relatives and social media apps.
  • When someone registers Rummy Moment App with your link, he will become your referral.
  • Now you will get 80₹ bonus and 30% commission from every Invite Member and this is available for lifetime.

What Is Sports Betting Option In Moment Rummy Application?

Rummy Moment Sports

Different types of options are available in Rummy Moment Application, talking about Jechi, you can earn in Sports Betting option in this application without doing anything.

Because this program is a kind of Refer & Earn program because the referrals made in it make a claim for betting on any game in 25 games and you get commission whether you lose or win while playing the game.

If yes then its percentage is 2% Life Time Commission. In this way, the amount earned in Sports Betting Option will be visible in this option itself.

How To Withdraw Money In Rummy Moment App

If you are having a lot of questions about how to withdraw money after earning through winches in this Rummy Moment App, in how many ways and how to withdraw money, then friends,

in this application you can withdraw every day as soon as you reach the Minimum of Rs 100. Allows to do. And friends, if we talk specifically, in this you can withdraw unlimited payment from the company in 24 hours. But if you do the most important option then you will not spend any time without paying any tax or commission.

To withdraw in Rummy Moment Game, you can transfer amount to UPI or Bank Account. If you feel that you will face difficulty in making withdrawal then follow the steps given below.

  • To make a withdrawal, click on the Withdraw Button given on the right side.
  • Now you have to select the option of Bank or UPI Account.
  • Select the bank in which you enter 1. Account Number 2. User Name 3. IFSC Code 4. Bank Name And 5. Email
  • Enter all the documents given above and click on Save Button.
  • Then write the amount you want to withdraw and click on Withdraw Button.
  • As soon as you click and the Withdraw is successful, the amount will be credited to your bank account after some time.

Rummy Ares App Download Bonus ₹50

What Is Safe Option In Rummy Moment Game

Friends, what is the Safe Option given in Rummy Moment application? Through this option, you can also use your income to supplement your income. So friends, let us credit the remaining amount in this safe account.

  1. Click on Safe Option to credit Amount in Safe Account.
  • After selecting Save button, write the amount and click on Yes button.
  • As soon as you click, your Wellet Account will be added to the Safe Account.
  1. To get return from Amount Safe Account to Wellet Account, click on safe option.
  • Then you have to select Take Out button, write the amount and click on Yes button.
  • Now your amount will be credited from Safe Account to Wellet Account.

Customer Care Service Support

Telegram I’d:- @Rummymoment_c4

If you want to get more information about Rummy Moment Application? Otherwise, if you are facing problem in any type of program then there is no need to worry.

Because the company of this app can get the solution to your problem in a short time through the Service Option given on the home page. For this, friends, you will take the help of Telegram and Chrome given above.

Important Note:- This Rummy Moment App involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. Please play with your responsibility. Only 18+

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