Rummy Shummy Apk | Rummy Shummy App | Download And Free Bonus Rs – 500

Hello friends, greetings to all brothers, I hope it will be fun for all of you. Friends, you all must have come to know that today is going to be auspicious for you because after working hard for a long time, your younger brother is going to launch the Latest Online Earning App of 2023. Through which you are given the opportunity to easily earn unlimited income every day.

Rummy Shummy Apk

Friends, today in this post we are going to talk about whose company has to prove popular in the name of Rummy Shummy Ap. This Rummy Shummay application is a reliable Real Money Cash Game in which you will be given Sing Up 20₹ Welcome Bonus. And apart from these, the company gives you Free Reward Program, with all these bonuses it provides you 11 games to play. If you want to earn through Rummy Shummy App, then you must read this post carefully once.

How To Download Rummy Shummy App?

Rummy Shummy Download

Friends, do you want to live a luxurious life with this Rummy Shummy App, then it is necessary for you to download it because this Rummy Shummay application is a real cash game, its company has made it easy for its members to download. For you to download Rummy Shummy App, it has also been uploaded to Social Media Apps. Apart from this, if you want to download without searching in any social media app,

you can also do it through post, because I have made it easy for you to download from the official website of Rummy Shummy App. To access the official website, you can download this application simply by accessing the Download Now button given in this post, for this you can see the complete process below.

  • To download Rummy Shummy App, click on the Download Now button given in the post.
  • After clicking, you will automatically go to the official website.
  • After that you have to click on Download To Play Button on the New Page.
  • After clicking, the link opens, downloading will start as soon as you click on it.
  • Then after 100% download is complete, you have to install Rummy Shummy App in the Smartphone.

How To Account Register In Rummy Shummy Application

Rummy Shummy App

You will be able to earn online only after registering the account in Rummy Shummay application. Because only later you will know which kitchens can prove to be best for you. For this, all of you start having different types of questions to register the account, like how will the account be made safe?

To login into this Rummy Shummy Apk, the company gives you two options which are 1. Mobile Number 2. Guest Account. But all of you should select the mobile number in this application, because if you select it then your accounts become 100% secure. And along with this, the company also gives you more welcome bonus than the guest. Like, there are many types of logins in this Rummy Shummy App, the list of which you can see below.

  • To login Rummy Shummy Apk, you have to download or install it as per my request.
  • After installation, open the application, after opening click on Play As Guest Button and get ₹ 10 Bonus.
  • Now you have to click on the Verified button on the home page of Rummy Shummy App.
  • Then you have to click on 1. Name 2. Mobile Number Nad 3. Get OTP button.
  • As soon as you click, OTP will appear with the number you have added. Enter it in the right box and you will be registered as soon as you submit and you will again get ₹ 10 Welcome Bonus.

What Is 7 Days Of Happiness Option In Rummy Shummy Game?

Rummy Shummy APK

Friends, after logging into the account in Rummy Shummay application, you have to use the free options, if we talk about it, then you get this 7 Days of happiness option in which you are given rewards for the whole 7 days and you get it. absolutely free. And through this program,

you get maximum ₹ 200 Bonus Reward from the first day till the end. You can withdraw the money earned through this program without playing the game. Because the company gives you withdrawal permission as soon as you have 100₹ wellet balance. And I include below the list of rewards available in these options-

  1. Day = ₹3. Free Bonus
  2. Day = ₹5. Free Bonus
  3. Day = 100₹ Free Bonus
  4. Day = 5₹ Free Bonus
  5. Day = 5₹ Free Bonus
  6. Day = 5₹ Free Bonus
  7. Day = 200₹ Free Bonus

Available Game’s In Rummy Shummy App

Rummy Shummy Game's

Friends, are you a master in playing games? If you have experience then it is special for you. Till date, you must have downloaded apps to play different online games? But you friends, in this Rummy Shummy App you will get to see all the popular games of India. Friends, this application is a Real Cash Game in which you can play in different ways, if you want, 11 games are available in this gaming application.

All the games present in this Rummy Shummy App allow you to play through the free keys given in it without making any deposit. If you want to know which Konchi games are available in this application, then we have given the complete list below.

  1. Points Rummy
  2. Teen Patti
  3. 7 Up Down
  4. Dragon Vs Tiger
  5. TeenPatti War
  6. Baccarat Ab
  7. Wheel Of Fortune
  8. Car Roulette
  9. Jhandi Munda
  10. bRed Vs Black
  11. Slot

How To Add Money In Rummy Shummy Apk

Rummy Shummy Application

If you want to make a deposit to play the above mentioned games in Rummy Shummay application then you can definitely do so. Friends, these days many people are doing online earning in different ways. You can earn lakhs of rupees in some time by playing online gaming. But one thing is certain that if you are experienced in playing the game then you can claim bigger claims only by making Add Payment.

And friends, you all will know that all the games given in it are popular or amazing. Friends, there is no problem in adding cash in Rummy Shummy App because the app is 100% legal. In which you will be given different options to add cash as per the rules of the company, up to Minimum ₹ 200 or Maximum ₹ 10000. If you want to deposit then follow the steps given below.

  • To add money in Rummy Shummy Apk, first click on the Store option.
  • After that, select the amount option which you want to add and click on Add Cash button.
  • After clicking, select UPI option and click on Next button to enter UPI ID.
  • After this, enter your KYC information like Name, Email, Mobile, Number and enter all these information in the box.
  • After finishing the above process, enter your UPI ID, select Payment Methods and click on Pay Button.
  • Then as soon as your payment is successful, your money will be added and you can use it in Kiichi option.

How To Withdraw Money In Shummy Rummy Application

I hope that all of you brothers should reach this option through the helpers in Rummy Shummy App. In this application, it is necessary for all the users to first ask the question that how much minimum withdrawal can be done?

This app is considered to be the easiest option of Atle’s Withdrawal Program. And the company of Rummy Shummy Apk allows the user to withdraw only after minimum ₹100. And you friends get withdrawal day with 100% payment. To make withdrawals through this application, the company will immediately transfer the amount to your UPI or bank account. For this, you must read the procedure of this program below and follow it.

  • To withdraw cash in Rummy Shummy Apk, first click on Withdraw Button.
  • Later you click on Bank Account Option and credit all types of information related to your bank.
  • After this, you have to enter the amount of cash you want to withdraw and click on the Withdraw button.
  • As soon as you click and the withdrawal is successful, the cash will be received in your bank account after some time.

How To Invite & Earn Rummy Shummy App?

The most important option for real earning in Rummy Shummy Application can prove to be Atle’s Invite & Earn. Talking about the second option, playing games to earn income is a gambling game. Because in this you win money so fast and lose money in such a short time. And this is the only program in which there is no possibility of losing because you can earn lakhs of rupees in Refer & Earn.

For this you do not have to do anything except having a referral team under you, for this you have to copy the link of your Rummy Shummy App and share it with friends, family and social media accounts. And in return the company gives you Invite Bonus and Commission. With this option, you can also withdraw the amount earned from Direct UPI or Bank Account without whitewashing it. Friends, please follow the steps given below for Invite And Earn option given in Rummy Shummy App.

  • For referral in Rummy Shummy App, first click on Invite & Earn option.
  • After this, click on Share Button and share it on other social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram.
  • If someone downloads the app using your referral link and registers, you get 20₹ bonus.
  • Apart from this, if any member of your Referral Team plays the game, you will get 2% Tax Amount.

What Is Coupons Option In Shummy Rummy Game?

In Rummy Shummay application, you are given an excellent program available for earning. This program gives you huge returns in a short time by investing in it as per your capacity. Under this plan, you get two plans from the company in which you have to invest different amounts of money and in return you get good returns. We have given you information about the plans of the 2 cards given in it below.

In the first card, you have to invest ₹ 500, in return you are given 40% Extra Bonus for 7 full days, together you will get ₹ 700.

In the second card, you have to invest ₹ 3000, in return for which you are given 60% Extra Bonus in every 30 days of a month. Extra bonus and investment together will give you a return of Rs 4500.

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What Is Treasure Bowl Option In Rummy Shummy Apk

Friends, Treasure Bowl Option is given to you to help you in the company of this Rummy Shummy App. In this option, all the bonuses given in your Rummy Shummay application are added to it. Friends, these days this option is seen in all online gaming but in this you get 10% of the lost money by converting it and returning the amount. And friends, you can use this amount to play games whenever you want. Apart from this, the company also gives you permission to withdraw this Rummy Shummy App.

Rummy Shummy Apk Service Support Option

Always with every Rummy Shummy App user because if you want to get more information about this App? If you face technical issues in the available programs of this application, then there is no need to worry, for this you are given the option of Service Support. Friends, you can easily get the solution through this option. For this, by clicking on this option, you will get answers through email with Direct Customer Care Officer.

Rummy Shummy Game FAQ’s

  1. Question:- Is Rummy Shummay Application Secure?

      Ans:- This application has been launched only after being 100% secure and verified.

  1. Question:- How To Download Rummy Shummy App?

     Ans:- To download Rummy Shummay application, you can do it through Social Media Apps or Post.

  1. Question:- What Is The Sing Up Bonus In Rummy Shummy App?

     Ans:- Sing Up Bonus 20₹ is available in this gaming application.

  1. Question:- What Is The Minimum Cash Add In Shummy Rummy Game?

     Ans:- You can add minimum ₹200 cash in this Rummy Shummay game.

  1. Question:- What Is The Minimum Withdraw In Rummy Shummy Apk?

     Ans:- This application gives minimum ₹100 Withdraw Permission.

Note:- This Rummy Gambling application involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. Please play with your responsibility. Only 18+


Friends, I hope 100% from all of you that you would have liked this article on Rummy Shummy Apk. If your friends, family relatives want to do online earning then definitely share the link. And if you want to get the first information about this type of Rummy, Teen Patti And Card Gaming, then you should visit our website daily.

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