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Teen Patti Charming, Teen Patti Charming App, Hello Friends! Welcome to visit our new article. My friends, you all must know that on this website we get the first information about New Online Earning Apk. Friends, today we have found a very amazing application for you, in which you can earn thousands of rupees daily by playing games and through different free earners, which has been named by the company 3patti Charming Apk. And if you do not know, then let me tell you that this app can prove to be the Best Online Earning App in 2023.

Teen Patti Charming
Download Teen Patti

You can play other types of games in this Teen Patti Charming game and the special thing about this fantastic Teen Patti game is that you can get Sing-Up 50₹ Bonus in it. Friends, we have brought the same game for you as you were looking for. If you want to earn money through this 3 Patti Charming Apk? So stay connected with this article till the end-

What Is 3Patti Charming Apk?

Friends, 3Patti Charming App is a Real Cash game. In which you can win a lot of money by playing games by investing money online in different types of online multiplayer games. And friends, if you play the games available in this application, you will have a completely realistic experience as if you are sitting with your friends and having real entertainment.

Apart from games, you are also given other options for earning in 3Patti Charming Apk, like you can easily earn income through present kitchens. As soon as this three-part charming app was launched in the market, it started creating a stir. Then friends, like others, if you also want to earn money by playing online games, then download this 3patti Charming App now. 3patti Charming App Download And Sing-Up 50₹ Bonus –

How To Download 3patti Charming App

Teen Patti Charming Download
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If you want to download this 3Patti Charming game then it is very easy. Because friends, the company gives two different options to the users of this application to download it easily. Talking about the first option, you can easily download this game by going to Play Story and searching 3patti Charming App.

And apart from that, if you want to use this gaming application on its official website? For that, you can easily download it by going to the official website and clicking on the download button symbol given in this article. Friends, if you want to download the Apk of this application from the official website then follow the steps given below –

Step:- 1 If you want to download 3patti Charming App through the official website, then click on the Download button given above.

Step:- 2 Now you will see that a new website of Apk will open on your mobile phone.

Step:- 3 As soon as it opens, a Download Apk will appear on your new page, click on it.

Step:- 4 After clicking on the download button, downloading will start in Chrome.

Step:- 5 After that, after 100% download is complete, go to the file and install 3patti Charming App in your own way.

How To Create Account In Charming 3Patti Game

To earn online in 3patti Charming Apk, you have to first create an account. Now all the users will have different questions that what do you have to do to create an account? Friends, do not worry about this because the company has made easy processes for you to increase users. For example, you are given two options to create an account in this 3Patti Charming App,

In which you can select one of them as 1. Guest Account and 2. Mobile Number Account. But I want to tell you one special thing that if you create an account in this application with mobile number, then the company gives you 50₹ Welcome Bonus. By logging in with your account mobile number, your account becomes safe, for that you follow the steps given below –

Step:- 1 To create an account in 3patti Charming App, first open the Apk.

Step:- 2 After opening, click on the Mobile Number option.

Step:- 3 After that click on Mobile Number, Password And Send OTP.

Step:- 4 Now you will get the OTP on your active mobile number through which you have to verify.

Step:- 5 As soon as all the above mentioned processes are successful, 50₹ Sing-Up Bonus will be deposited in your account immediately.

Available Game In 3patti Charming Application

Teen Patti Charming Game's
Download Teen Patti

If you like to play games in this gaming application, then this app can prove to be great for you. This Teen Patti Charming application is a Real Cash game because it has 4 types available for you to enjoy different games. Friends, these are all such games which are 80% popular on the Internet, from these you can guess how popular they will be. And the most special thing is that in this game you are given any player by the company, due to which you can easily make profit of lakhs. If you want to know the names of all the games given in it, then you should look below –

  1. 3Patti
  2. Dragon Vs Tiger
  3. Points
  4. 777 Slots

How To Add Money In Teen Patti Charming Apk

Friends, you must have seen above that which games have been given to us in this 3Patti charming application? But if you have previous experience in playing the games present in it, then you must have known that you will have to add money to play the game, because friends, even after claiming the game, it is necessary to have enough account balance to have five winners. If I talk in short, if you want to earn money from this game then it is necessary for you to add cash. If you want to add money in 3patti Charming App, then you can add minimum ₹ 100 to maximum ₹ 10000 at once.

Teen Patti Charming App
Download Teen Patti

Now we are going to tell you one more thing that a very amazing offer is running in 3Patti Charming App. In which when you add money, you are given cash back in all different amount options. If you look at it, you can get 1% to 9% cash back from the company. If you want to add money in this gaming application, follow the step by step mentioned below –

Step:- 1 To add money in 3patti Charming App, first of all click on the Add Cash button.

Step:- 2 Then select your amount as per your wish and click on Add Cash.

Step:- After 3 clicks, you will see the option of 5 different payment methods.

Step:- 4 You have to select the option through which you want to add payment and click on the Pay Now button given below.

Step:- 5 Now as soon as your payment is successful, money will be added to your game amount.

What Is First Pay Option In 3patti Charming App

If you register your account in this 3Patti Charming Application, you get the option of First Pay. Friends, if you want to add money in this application, then a lot of cash back is given from this option. But this First Pay Option is available only for 24 hours for new users in this application.

Friends, you will not believe that you get such a huge cash back in this option, as if you are given 3 plans under the company to invest in this kitchen. In these three plans, if you recharge 500₹, 10000₹, 300₹ according to your budget, you can get 50%, 205₹, 103% Cash Bach (Offer). After adding cash in this First Pay program, you can enjoy the game with this amount and only later this amount is withdrawn into your bank account.

Invite Friends And Earn Money In 3patti Charming Game

In 3Patti Charming Game you are given the option to invite friends. In this kitcher you can earn lakhs of rupees without any risk. Friends, there is a lot of offer available in this app these days in which if you work a little hard, you can get a bonus of up to ₹ 10000. In this, all you have to do is to invite people you know, in which you have to share your own referral link to promote this 3patti Charming App.

Teen Patti Charming Apk
Download Teen Patti

For example, you copy the link of this application and share it in your social media account so that after your referrals increase, bonus and commission will start coming automatically. You can use the money earned in this way to play games and you are also allowed to withdraw it directly into your bank account. If you like to earn without risk then follow the steps given below –

Step:- 1 To refer this application, first of all click on Referral Bonus.

Step:- After clicking 2, click on Refer Link Copy, now you will be copied successfully.

Step:- 3 Later you share the link with your friends, relatives and other social media accounts.

Step:- 4 If you download any big app from your shared link then you get ₹15 bonus from every member.

Step:- 5 And if you deposit your utility then 30% commission is given.

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What Is Bonus Option In Charming 3Patti Application

3Patti charming application and a wonderful kitchers are given which is named Bonus Option. This option can prove to be useful for the users who play Teen Patti and Rummy Jechi games. Friends, you all know that in playing games, either victory or defeat is certain. But friends, the company helps you in the sense that if you bet to play the game and suffer a loss, then it returns 2% back to your Wellet Account. To get this bonus you can add cash and withdraw it by playing games.

How To Withdraw In Teen Patti Charming Apk

You must be wanting to withdraw the income made in 3patti Charming Apk? Because until this money is transferred to your bank account, that money has no value. If friends, it is very simple to withdraw the amount inside this 3patti Charging App. Friends, in this app you can withdraw minimum ₹ 100 to maximum ₹ 10000. If you have just applied for withdrawal and there is no credit in your bank account,

Teenpatti Charming
Download Teen Patti

 then there is no need to worry because the company tells you in advance that you will have to wait maximum 48 hours. And in this app, you are given permission to withdraw as much amount as you want. If you want to withdraw the money earned in this game, then you can transfer it to your bank account in the following way –

Step:- 1 To transfer money to bank account, first click on Wellet Option.

Step:- 2 After that click on Withdraw Button given on the right side.

Step:- 3 Now to make the first withdrawal, you have to go to the bank account, add the account information and save it.

Step:- 4 Then select the amount option you want to transfer and click on Withdraw Button.

Step:- 5 After clicking, as soon as your Withdraw is successful, the amount will be deposited in your Add Bank Account within a few minutes.

3patti Charming Apk FAQ’s

  1. Question:- What Is The Account Register Bonus In 3patti Charming App?

Ans:- Aa 3patti Charming App has 50₹ Welcome Bonus

  1. Question:- What Is the Minimum Withdrawal Of Tp Charming Apk?

Ans:- The Minimum is 100₹

  1. Question:- What Is The Maximum Withdraw In 3Patti Charming Game?

Ans:- The Maximum Withdraw Is 10000₹

  1. Question:- How Many Game Types Are Available In Teen Patti Charming App?

Ans:- Various Types Of Games Are Available In Tp charming App

  1. Question:- What Is The Minimum Amount You Can Add For 3patti Charming Game

Ans:- The Minimum Add Money Is 100₹

Customer Service Support

If you face any problem while using this 3patti Charming Apk, then there is no need to worry. Because the company of this application gives you Service Support Option, through which you can get solution to any problem related to the app. For that, click on the Service Option given on the home page of the application, and you can chat live with the direct customer officer.

Important Note:- This game involves financial risk, this 3Patti Charming app can be addictive. Please play with your responsibility. Only 18+


Friends, we hope that you will like the information given by us very much. And if your friends also like to play 3Patti game, then share it with them too. If you have any confusion related to this 3Patti Charming App, then please tell us in the comment box. If you are looking for something like Haven’t then you can check our website.

And to read similar new articles, visit our website daily. May God bless your days…

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