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Hello my dear friends, thank you for visiting our website. Today again your younger brother, after working hard, has come up with an amazing online earning application. Friends, after reading this post you will learn how to earn money while occupying your free time. You all must be aware that these days a lot of people download different apps to play Teen Patti,

Teen Patti Origin
3patti Origin Download

Rummy and Casino games but do not get any money in return, but friends, we are going to give you information about such applications in which you will get many benefits. The company provides tools to earn income without taking risk. Then our suggestion would be that you do not leave this application because it is going to change your life.

So let me tell you in this post how to earn money through Teen Patti Origin App? And Teen Patti is going to discuss all the questions ranging from downloading the Origin application. We are going to give you all the information about this app, for that you must read our post carefully till the entire past.

About In Teen Patti Origin Apk

  1. 100% Secure & Legal
  2. 100% Real Cash Game
  3. 100% Real Person
  4. 100% Fastest Withdrawal

Friends, today there are many different card games available on the internet. Out of that, this application can prove to be the latest online earning of 2023. Which is currently making a lot of noise on the Internet, and this Teen Patti Origin App is being liked a lot by smartphone users. Friends, let us tell you that through Teen Patti Origin app, you get a chance to earn a lot of money by playing online Teen Patti multiplayer game without any hesitation. So friends, if you also want to earn thousands of rupees every day then download Teen Patti Origin App and win big! So let us know –

How To Download Teen Patti Origin Application

Teen Patti Origin App Download
3patti Origin Download

Friends, you do not hesitate to download Teen Patti Origin Apk because you can easily download it through all platforms. Please note that the company of this app has also added games in Play Store to make it popular. For that, friends, you can open and search Teen Patti Origin App and download it simply.

And if you want to download the application through the official website, then you can also do it through this post. To reach here easily, we have added a link on the Download Now button, you can download it through its website by clicking on this link –

  1. To download from the official website, first click on the Download Now button given above.
  2. As soon as you click on the Download Now button, you will go to the official website of Automatic 3Patti Origin Apk.
  3. After that, click on Download To Play on the new page, and immediately the link will open, click on it again.
  4. Now friends, you will be able to download 3 Patti Origin Application.
  5. Then you have to install it after waiting for some time according to your internet speed.

How To Create Account In 3 Patti Origin App

Teen Patti Origin Login
3patti Origin Download

After downloading Teen Patti Origin Game, you all know that it is necessary to create an account in the app after opening it. Friends, but after opening all of you, you get the option to login to many different accounts, after that you all are going to have a question, choose which option, for which I tell you to choose the mobile number so that your Account Safe and more bonuses are also given by the company, hence you get many benefits. And to create an account easily within this application, you will have to follow the following steps.

  1. First of all you have to click on the Download Now button and then download and install the application.
  2. After that you have to open Teen Patti Origin game.
  3. After opening, select the Mobile Number option and click on Mobile Number, Password and Send OTP.
  4. You will get OTP for the Active Member you have added, enter it and click on the Login Button.
  5. After clicking, you will immediately get a welcome bonus of ₹ 10 from the company.

How Many Games Available In Teen Patti Origin Apk

Teen Patti Origin Games
3patti Origin Download

You get 23 types of games in this three-pronged Origin Gaming application. You can earn thousands of rupees per day with entertainment by playing different types of games like Multiplayer, Slots, Athletes and Guess. And one more advantage of having so many games is that you will never get bored of this Teen Patti Origin game. Due to this, you can continue your earning by playing other games. The list of names of games available in this application is given below.

1:- Multiplayer Games

  1. Dragon Vs Tiger
  2. TP Vs War
  3. Jhandi Munda
  1. Car Roulette
  2. Crash
  3. Roulette
  4. Lucky 3Patti
  5. Lucky Roller
  6. 7Up Down
  7. Baccart AB

2:- Slots Games

  1. Ganesha Gold
  2. Penguin Quest
  3. Christmas Magic
  4. Forest Prince
  5. Vegas Slot
  1. 777 Slot
  2. Bingo Piggy
  3. Wickedfortv

3:- Athletics

  1. 3 – Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. Joker

4:- Guess

  1. Lottery

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How To Add Money In Origin Teen Patti Game

Friends, if you want to play all the games given above in this application, then you will have to add as much money as you want according to Isha. Because when I say it, you will not be able to enjoy it at all without adding ad cash, the reason for that is that you cannot make big clicks while playing the game, due to which your victory is uncertain. Due to which you have less need to earn.

Teen Patti Origin Add Cash
3patti Origin Download

To make payment for this Teen Patti Origin game, different amount options are available ranging from Minimum 50₹ to Maximum 750₹. If we talk about this, in all these amount options the company also gives you Cashback Offer on deposit. To avail this Cash Bash offer, you have to select the amount option carefully while adding money. For this, you people have to follow the process given below –

  1. To add money, first of all click on the Add Cash button given on the home page.
  2. After this you will see many different amount options.
  3. Select the amount of money you want to add and click on the Add Cash button.
  4. After clicking, you will get many different payment options, select any of these options and click on the Pay Button.
  5. Then as soon as your payment is successful, within a few seconds the amount you have added will be added to the game account.

How To Cash Withdraw In 3 Patti Origin Application

Teen Patti Origin Withdraw
3patti Origin Download

Withdrawal of the money earned from 3Patti Origin game in some strange way? Friends, in this application you are given a very easy process to transfer amount. If you follow the rules in this Teen Patti Origin app, then for the first withdrawal you are given a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs 100-10000. Moreover, this gaming app allows you to transfer maximum amount of 20000₹ every day. On withdrawal in Teen Patti Origin App, the company will have to pay 3% tax on your amount. And friends, in this application you can transfer amount only to Bank Account. For this you will have to adopt some of the following methods –

  1. First of all, choose the option only after completing 100₹ in your account.
  2. After which you click on the Withdraw Button given above on the home page.
  3. Then go to Account Information option on the new page, enter all the requested information and click on Submit Button.
  4. Later, enter the amount you want to transfer to your bank account and click on Withdraw Button.
  5. By clicking on Withdraw, your bank account will be credited as soon as your withdrawal is successful.

Invite Friends And Earn Unlimited Real Cash In Teen Patti Origin App

Friends, in this 3Patti Origin Gaming app, you are given the option of making a different extra income. In this gaming application, all of you may not know how to earn money without playing games in it? If we talk about it, then very good Refer & Earn programs are given for you inside this application. In this program, if you want to earn income in your own language,

Then you also have to invite your friends. For that, you don’t have to bother your friends, you have to copy the referral link and share it in your social media account and invite other people to join this Teen Patti Origin App in your own way. In this application, the company gives you permission to transfer whatever referral income you earn to your Direct Bank Account. Then if you want to earn without taking risk then follow the step by step given below.

  1. To be the first referrer, click on the Invite Friends button.
  2. After that you have to copy the link of Teen Patti Origin App by clicking on Share Button.
  3. Later you share your link on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media accounts.
  4. And if you use the promoted link, you will get ₹ 5 bonus per referral.
  5. Apart from that, if your referrals recharge, you get 10% Lifetime Commission.

What Is Daily Cash Option In Origin 3 Patti Apk

What is this Daily Cash option that gives you free matches in Teen Patti Origin game? Friends, after logging into your account in this application, you should immediately avail the benefits of this option. This Daily Cash program allows you to claim within 7 days of logging in.

In which you keep getting different rewards every day for a whole week. If you use this option, you can get prizes ranging from ₹ 5 on the first day to ₹ 100 on the last day. Friends, if you believe me then through this option you will easily earn this much income in a week without withdrawing anything.

Welcome Bonus Features In Teen Patti Origin

Teen Patti Origin Bonus
3patti Origin Download

Friends, after registering your account in Teen Patti Origin app, you will get the option of Welcome Bonus, due to which you will not even worry about earning cash while recharging. In this gaming application, you get 200% and 100% cashback bonus by adding cash in the Welcome Bonus option. In this welcome bonus kitchers, you are given only two payment options and you can use this program only once.

If you add ₹50 payment in your Pahel plan then you get 200% cash back bonus. That means if you deposit 50₹ you get 100₹ Extra Bonus. And under the second plan, if you add payment of Rs. 500, you get 100% cashback bonus, that is, if you recharge Rs. 500, you will get extra bonus of Rs. 500.

Cash Back Features In 3 Patti Origin

In Teen Patti Origin Apk you are given Cash Back Features. If you do not like playing any of the games available in this application, then you can also earn money from this cash back program. For that, you friends can avail the benefits of Cash Back program only after recharging your account. You can enjoy Spin after adding ₹100 to the cash back bonus available in Teen Patti Origin game. On availing the spin benefit, the company gives you 10 different rewards. In this way you can easily earn income by spinning.

Customer Support

In this Teen Patti Origin game, customer support options are provided by the company for the convenience of all the users. If you face any kind of problem while using this application, then you can talk to the direct customer care officer. For that, you can get immediate solution to your problem through your Telegram.

Teen Patti Origan Game FAQ’s

  1. Question:- Which languages are there in Teen Patti Origin Apk?

Ans:- This application has Hindi and English languages.

  1. Question:- How to download Teen Patti Original App?

Ans:- If you want to download this application, then search in this post or social media app.

  1. Question:- What is the minimum withdrawal in Origin Teen Patti Game?

Ans:- The minimum withdrawal in this application is ₹100.

  1. Question:- What is the maximum withdrawal in 3 Patti Origin Application?

Ans:- Maximum withdrawal ₹10000

  1. Question:- What is the Welcome Bonus in Teen Patti Origin Apk?

Ans:- Welcome Bonus in this application is ₹10.

  1. Question:- How many supported games are there in Teen Patti gaming application?

Ans:- A total of 23 games are available in this gaming application.

  1. Question:- Is Teen Patti Origin India’s Apk?

Ans:- Yes, this app is from India.

Note:- Friends, you may lose money in this application and you may get addicted to the games present in the app. And in this you can win a lot of money at the same time and you can also lose the winning money at the same time. Therefore, we request you to play with your responsibility. Only 18+


Friends, we have tried to give complete detailed information about this application in this post. If you find any mistake in this Real Cash Game or find any kind of mistake then please tell me in the comment box, so that we can realize the mistake. But friends, I hope you all liked it.

And if you want to get the first information about such new applications, then keep visiting our website every day.

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