Teen Patti Shock / Teen Patti Shock Apk Download,Sign Up Get ₹21

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you all will be great. Do you also like to play Teen Patti, Rummy, Jechi Card Gaming then you have reached the right platform. Friends, for doing online earning, this popular application will be considered. Today we are going to give information about Shock Teen Patti Apk in this article. Friends, in this application you are given Welcome Bonus 50 ₹. Apart from this, Refer & Earn Program has also been provided to you in this app.

Many kits are given in these for free. You can do Real Earning by playing easily without depositing all the games available in Gaming Application. That’s why you must read this article once without skipping even a bit.

Shock TeenPatti Apk Review

  • Shock is Gaming Application of 3Patti App. In which you can do Real Earning through various types of games and kitschers.
  • You are given 50 ₹ Welcome Bonus by the company of Shock TeenPatti app.
  • A total of 5 popular games have been provided in this application.
  • And friends, in this app you get Invite Friend 20 ₹. Apart from this, you are also given commissions even after recharging.
  • In Shock TeenPatti apk you get 5% to 20% Cash back
  • You are given the facility of Minimum 100 ₹ Instant Payment Withdraw in this application.

How To Download “Shock 3Patti” Application

Shock Teenpatti

Do friends, you also want to download Shock TeenPatti App, then friends can easily download it on their Smart Phone. The company of this app has provided links for you in this article as well. And you people can also download Keechi by hitting Search in Social Media App. Friends, I download and watch through this article.

  • Click on the Download Button in the box above in this article.
  • By clicking on the download button, you will reach the official website of Automatic Shock 3 Patti App.
  • Later on your Smart Deslpay will open the link of the application.
  • Downloading will start as soon as you click on that link.
  • After waiting for a while, install it on your smart phone.

Shock TeenPatti Account Register And Claim 50₹ Bonus

Teen Patti Shock App

If you want to Earning in Chick TeenPatti App, then first of all you have to register an account. You all must know about that only then you can use the app. You get two options to login this application, 1. Guest Login or 2. Can do with Phone Number Login. But friends, if you want to make your account safe, then you have to select the option of Phone Number. By selecting this option, if you get account log out due to technical issues, then you can login again by entering Add Number. Then you can see below the process of registering an account in this application.

  • After registering the account, open it after hitting the first install.
  • After opening, you get two options to register.
  • You have to select Mobile Number, in which add Phone Number and click on Send OTP Button.
  • Later on whatever add number you have done, 4 four digit OTP will come on it, enter it in all the boxes and click on “Register Button”.
  • Your account will be registered in Shock TeenPatti Apk as soon as you click on this button.
  • And you will also be credited with 50 ₹ Welcome Bonus immediately from the company side.

About Shock TeenPatti Apk

* This application is a Real Cash Game. In which online earning can be done through games and kitschers.

* As soon as you want to open the app, it is important to register the account first.

* Now friends, if we talk about Option in this application, then on the Lift Side of the game, you have been given the option of Profile, Game Wellet,

* Then talking about the right side of the home page, you have been given the options of Withdraw and Gullak Bonus programs.

* Now many different types of Game, Welcome Reward, Week Reward, Free Spin, and Invite Friends Opsen will appear in the game window.

* Then now let’s see on the side of the game, first Mail, Service, Setting, and Add Cash Opsen is available.

Free Cash Spin “Shock 3Patti” App

Friends, you can claim this application for 3 days free for Spin Opsen New User after account login. Free cash Lucky Bonus ranging from ₹ 1 to ₹ 1000 is available through this program. You can apply Free Spin once in this, and for the second time you get a chance to spin according to Recharge. The money won in this opsen is credited in Gullak Bonus, which you can also transfer to Bank Account.

How Many Game In “Shock 3 Patti” Application

What online game do you want to play? So it is important to know which game is available in this application. This app is a gaming application in which you have been given many types and you can play all of them from different categories. In which friends you have 5 fovi games available. This is all such a game that you do not get a single thing from the Player Company. In this only all the app users will come. You can earn Daily Real Cash Loot by playing this game. Along with the list of all the games present in this app, information has also been given in short.

Teen Patti

Joker TP

Andar Bahar

Classic Slots

Point Rummy

How To Add Money In Shock TeenPatti Game

If you want to Earning every day by playing Game in Shock 3Patti app, first of all you have to add some Rupees. In this application, you have been given permission to add minimum 100 ₹ and maximum 20000 ₹. And on top of all the money you add in this application, you are also given cashback according to the company. If you have any problem with adding cash in Shock 3Patti, then follow the steps given below carefully.

  • First of all, you click on the Add Cash Button on the home page of the application.
  • After that you get a lot of Amount options. From this, select according to your parity and again click on the add cash button.
  • Now in front of you 1. Google Pay 2. PhonePe 3. Paytm 4. Bhim to select different option keys.
  • After selecting, you click on Pay Button.
  • Then as soon as your payment is successful, the amount will be added to your game account immediately.

What Is Week Reward Option In Shock Teen Patti?

You are given great kitchens to earn in this application, one of them is this. Here according to your budget, you can earn a lot of money by investing a little bit according to the plan. Under this plan you get 3 cards. Which you have to invest in different ways. Instead of which you get good returns. Information about the plans of all these cards is given below.

Friends, if you invest 500 ₹ in your first plan then you get 700 ₹ Return in 7 days. You get 40% Extra Bonus in 7 days of Jechi. Under the second plan, you are given 2500 ₹ returns in 7 days after investing 2000 ₹ on this. This card gives you 25% cash back. And after this, 10000 ₹ have to be invested in the third plan. 2000 ₹ Cashback is given to you under the plan. You can earn more money investing on it with your budget in different plans.

Invite Friends And Earn Money In “Shock 3Patti” App

There are two ways to earn in Chowk Tinpatti application. Out of this, this Referral Features is important, in which you can earn thousands of rupees in a month without taking any risk. Friends, in this program you can do Unlimited Earning through Social Media App. Because you have to share to copy the link of this application. And if any person downloads, Automatic Bonus is credited to his account. If you have any problem in inviting friends, then follow the steps given below.

  • To invite friends, the first thing to do is to click on the Free Cash Button given on the Lift Side.
  • Now after clicking on the Shree to Friends button, click on the “Copy Link” option.
  • Then share the link with your friends and relatives according to the Social Media App.
  • Later, if any person downloads from your link, then you get 20 ₹ Bonus from each Invite Friend.
  • Not only this, friends, you also get 20% Recharge Commission from all these members.

What Is Gullak Bonus Features in “3Patti Shock” Apk

In Shock TeenPatti App, you get Gullak Bonus Features from the company side. All the Free Bonuses in this app are credited in the first Bonus Program. Apart from this, if you lose while playing the games present in it, then you get Return Commission under the company.

The most important thing about this feature is that whenever you lose time while playing the game, 1% Bonus Gullak Option is transformed. Thus spin bonuses are also credited in this option. Then you can also do Bank Transfer according to the company.

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How To Withdraw Money In “TeenPatti Shock” Application?

Friends, like the features we told you above or transfer the money won by playing the game in some way? Friends, in this application, it is easy for you to transfer money to Bank Account for Withdrawal. In this application, you can Withdraw at least ₹ 100 ₹. And in this you friends are given permission to make 3 withdrawals within 24 hours. To do Cash Withdraw, follow the easy step by step given below.

  • Withdraw button will appear on the home page of your very own application, click on it.
  • If you do First Time Withdraw, you will have to add Bank Account.
  • In which you have to click on the Save Button to enter the information correctly after adding the bank account.
  • After that you will see the option of Amount from ₹ 100 to ₹ 10000, click on “Withdraw Button” to choose any of these.
  • After the payment is successful as soon as you click, the bank account will be credited in maximum 24 hours.

Customer Support

You are given the facility of Customer Support on behalf of the company in this application. If you are facing any problem related to this application, then you can talk to the customer care officer through email. This app is available from 8:00am – 9:00pm, then you can get the solution of your problem.

Shock 3Patti App FAQ’s

Question:- Is Shock 3Patti App safe?

Ans:- This application is absolutely safe and secure. Which is 100% verified and successful in launching.

Question:- How To Download Shock 3Patti App?

Ans:- If you want to download this application, then you can do it by searching this Article or Social Media App.

Question:- What is the Sing Up Bonus in 3Patti Shock App?

Ans:- Sing Up Bonus 50 ₹ is available in this application.

Question:- What is the minimum withdrawal in Shock 3Patti App?

Ans:- The minimum withdrawal in this application is ₹100.

Question:- What is the Maximum Withdrawal in Shock 3Patti App?

Ans:- The maximum withdrawal in this application is ₹10000.

Question:- What is the Withdrawal Fee in Shock 3Patti App?

Ans:- You can transfer 0% Tex Amount at the time of withdrawal in this application.

Note:- This game involves financial risk. This game can be addictive. So please play with all your responsibility. Only 18+


Friends, we have given you complete information about Shock TeenPatti App, Shock 3Patti Apk, Shock Teen Patti Application through this article. I hope 100% from all of you that you all must have liked the information given by us. If you want to get information related to Teen Patti, Rummy Or Card Gaming to be launched in this way, then you should visit our website daily.

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